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Mk2 Arm Chair


 Carp System Chairs  Starting From £34.99

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Side Support Arms


Side Pole Support Arms


RRP: £14.99


Matchbox Class Side Support Arms. Set of 2 Support arms that ideally house the Matchbox Class Mini Pole Rolle, Pole Rollers and Threaded tubes are included in the set. Set also includes a non-marking feature. Click Here for More Details

Orange Winders

RCT Barrow Systems

RCT Barrow Systems, advertised by Matchbox Tackle, are available in two sizes and will wheel your tackle around with ultimate ease. The RCT Barrow Systems provide a stable platform at your peg to fish from for a safer, more organized and comfortable days fishing. Click Here for more info . . . .


The Matchbox Tackle range of seat boxes and accessories provide anglers with functional adaptable design, durability and value for money. All Matchbox Seat Box products are designed to the highest specifications and made from the very finest materials available, thus providing years of trouble free and comfortable fishing.

The Matchbox ‘E Class’, 'S Class', ‘SX’ and 'Azuro' Seatbox and Seatbox Systems, a full range of Matchbox Add-Adapters, Side Trays, Add-On Trays and many other accessories are clear examples of the Matchbox innovation and high quality design applied across all full Matchbox Tackle ranges from past until present.

2 in 1 Fishing Pole & Rod Support
Mega Folding Side Tray
Matchstax Pole Winder
Tray Stacking System


As an addition to the Matchbox Tackle website along with friends, such as RCT and WBClarke. Matchbox Tackle are able to bring you products such as Rigger Platform Barrows, Carp System Chairs, beds and other accessories. Which means with such a wide choice to select from you'll be able to create the perfect ‘Set up’ for your style of fishing.

  New Azuro Ranage  
S Class Seatbox from  Matchbox Tackle
S Class Seatbox Range from Matchbox Tackle
SX Seatbox Range from Matchbox Tackle

 Bed and Chair Range from Matchbox Tackle